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Commemorative Wall Hanging’

The Ascott Martyrs Textile


Using the kind of domestic arts familiar to the Ascott Martyrs, a group of 21st century women worked for many months to create a textile hanging reflecting the story of the Martyrs and the place in which they lived. The process brought together women of all ages and backgrounds who, inspired by the Martyrs’ story and each other, made their tribute to these brave women.


Completed in 2018, the hanging celebrates the courage and steadfastness of those Ascott women. Today most women in this country have more choice, more opportunities, more control over their lives than they did, but this progress is due to their actions and those of countless other women like them, but the struggle for total equality continues.

The design for the (180cm x 132cm) wall-hanging was arrived at through a series of discussions and brought together by Clare, a Workers Educational Association tutor. Each woman in the group worked on their own piece, and when complete they were assembled within a garland of leaves. The leaves make reference to the Wychwood Forest, but also symbolise a circle of friends and family, and a group of women who ultimately drew strength from bonding together to stand for a common cause.


On the reverse of the hanging hidden from view, but not from posterity, the makers signed their piece by stitching their names.


The hanging is permanently displayed in Holy Trinity parish church in the centre of the village, where it complements a second hanging depicting scenes of village life past and present.


A 20 page booklet about the making of the textile, lavishly illustrated with colour photographs, is available in the Church or from the Ascott Martyrs Educational Trust. Please email for details.

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