John Hodgkins & John Millin."

we didn't expect the woman to be so aggressive”


Robert Hambidge 1827 - 01/01/1892

Manager of Crown Farm

the men needed to understand I cannot afford to pay more…….I offered a rise for the fitter ones”

Joseph Arch #1.jpg

Joseph Arch

10/11/1826 - 12/02/1919

President - National Agricultural Labourers Union 1872

“it was the best thing that happened for our cause”

Joseph Lakin.jpg

Police Superintendent Lakin

“the riots meant I couldn’t put the woman on the train to Oxford”

Scales of Justice.jpg
The Magistrates
“the law was clear and didn’t differentiate between men and woman”
Oxford Gaol
​“we did our best for the woman, they were used to hard labour”
Duke of Marlborough.jpg
Duke of Marlborough
"The warnings were there when the unions were formed”
Queen Victoria.jpg
Queen Victoria
"How could any government be so cruel to the women and the babies
Benjamin Disraeli
"The Criminal Law Amendment Act should never had been passed