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Fanny Honeybone (Later Fanny Rathband)1857 - 1939

Fanny Honeybone who was sentenced to ten days in prison was born in 1857 in Ascott.


Her parents were John and Jane (maiden name Newman) Honeybone who were married in Ascott on 27 October 1834. John had been born in Ascott in 1809 and Jane in Langley in 1816.


Fanny had four brothers, George John, Peter, Thomas and Reuben, and five sisters, Eliza, Ann, Jane (also a martyr), Ellen and Emma.


On 9 September 1876 Fanny married Edwin Rathband who had been born in Milton in 1856. Edwin worked as a carter or farm servant and Fanny as a servant.


They had fourteen children of whom six died under 19 years of age. There were seven boys, George, Frank, Reuben, Harry, Wilfred, Hubert and Frederick, and seven girls, Jane, Ada, Millicent, Elizabeth, Alice, Hilda and Lily. Wilfred, Alice and Reuben all died in July 1897.


Edwin died in 1929 but Fanny lived to be 81 and died in 1939.

Sentence - 10 Days with Hard Labour

Born - 1857 in Ascott under Wychwood

Age 16

Occupation - Gloveress

Religion - Baptist

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