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Martha Smith (neé Hart)1828 - 1909

Martha Maria Smith (maiden name Hart) who was sentenced to ten days in prison was born in 1828 in Shilton.


Her parents were George and Leah (maiden name Farmer) Hart. George had been born in 1807 and Leah in Shilton in 1811.


In 1851 Martha was the eldest of nine children, four boys, Alfred, John, James and Francis, and four girls, Sarah, Susannah, Eliza and Fanny. 


Martha married George Smith in Asthall on 10 November 1856. George had been born in Ascott in 1829 and was an agricultural labourer.


George and Martha had six daughters, Ellen, Eliza, Rachel, Jane, Elizabeth and Louisa. George died following a farm accident in 1880 and Martha later married John Couling from Fawler. 


Martha died in 1909.

Sentence - 10 Days with Hard Labour

Born - 1828 in Shilton

Age 45

Occupation - Labourer (field worker)

Religion - Church of England

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