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 Needs must when the Devil Drives     1989 

(For further information on purchasing a copy of the full 35 minute video visit Concord Media)

Songs written about or inspired by the Martyrs Story

Available now on an EP or download

CD Cover Back.jpg

If you wish to purchase a copy of the EP then please contact Carol at

The Gloves Are Off!

(Another Anthem for the Ascott Martyrs)

For a copy of the EP please email us at


Doris Warner Over the Hills to Glory 1999  Stationers Hall London

Chipping Norton School Production in 1977 by Junior Drama Club

Spring Street Theatre Company, performed at the Theatre, Chipping Norton in 1982

BBC Radio 4 FM, 17th November 1984 20:30 - Riding to Jerusalem by Elspeth Sandys


The trust has copies and recordings of all the above

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