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Elizabeth Pratley (neé Osman)1844 - 1873

Elizabeth Pratley (maiden name Osman, baptised Ann Elizabeth) who was sentenced to seven days in prison, was born in 1844 in Burford.

Her parents were William and Maria (maiden name Faulkner) Osman were married in Witney in 1841. Both had been born in Burford, William in 1822 and Maria in 1824.

Elizabeth had one brother George and four sisters, Mary Anne, Emily, Ellen and Fanny Maria.

Elizabeth married Eli Pratley in Burford in 1869. He had been born in Ascott in 1846 and was an agricultural labourer. They had three children, Elizabeth, Eleanor and Eli William.

The family emigrated to Canada in 1873 on the S.S.Nyanza but sadly Elizabeth died there the same year, probably of typhus.

Eli returned to Ascott and later married Jane Malins there in 1874. They emigrated to New Zealand on the Crusader with Eli and Elizabeth’s daughter Ellen, that same year.

Sentence - 7 Days with Hard Labour

Born - 1844 in Burford

Age 29

Occupation - Labourer (field worker)

Religion - Church of England

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